Sunday, April 20, 2008

tca improves on god...again

To TCA Hell and Back / another morning (April 10 - 08) at TCA Report:

Mike Metcalf stops trains



This weekend, the entire length of SoCal's coastal-rail stops-dead for two days, as work on the walk-under tunnel at Mariposa Point gets configured.

4-years ago (maybe longer) when the Beach Trail Plan was getting worked-out, Mariposa Point local Mike Metcalf noticed something was missing - how to get to his 'break' via Mariposa???

In fact, what was planned was - a 6 ft high steel fence to keep folks off the tracks. Mike rightly thought, that sucks for us north SC-locals.
And Bada Bing!!!, this weekend - no train, as Mariposa gets it's walk-under.

Maybe it's true we can't stop Time, but Metcalf can stop Trains.

Think about it, next time you walk under the RR at Mariposa.

Mike says lots of folks helped his No-Fense 'act-up' cause, but I was there when he first brought the issue to City Council.
I'm chagrined to say, I thought he couldn't pull it off. But he did.

Hey, all it takes is shutting down SoCal's coastal-rail for 2-days?

Warning: Don't get between Mike Metcalf and his wave.
He gets it done.
Another example of what one surfer CAN do.
Stop trains.

Thanks Mike - nice work.

getting stupider out, by the day



After a day listening to our Lead General in Iraq and his
sidekick, our ambassador to Iraq tell us there's no good
way out - that our meager gains there skate on thin-ice...
back of me soggy brain repeats and repeats the phrase,

"Protecting National Security Interests"

(code for Oil) brings me back to this county's tolling infliction -
our own TCA, aka toll-road conundrum.

No comparison really, except for this gnawing reality:
A Lie, glossily candy-coated by true-believers, spinning
fact-into-fiction until The-Lie becomes 'Virtuous Endeavor'
orchestrated by pomp and fanfare doth always mask
a darker purpose.

In Iraq, Truth is Oil.
The-Lie was WMD's.

In OC, Truth is Housing.
The-Lie: TCA's Catch-22 specious toll road promise:

"Toll Roads Always Empty - Come Play!"

Boots-on-Ground-Reality: OCFreeway's are packed-to-the-gills
and we can't fix, if TCA Toll-revenues are in anyway threatened
(Catch-22). Which can't happen. Because TCA keeps toll fares
purposely sky-high insuring toll-venues remain mostly empty
as local population swells, suckered by TCA promise, and gas
prices soar out of sight.

Result: OC Freeways helplessly clog to a stop.

Fact: All Bubbles Burst

In Iraq, The-Lie (not the war) is over.
By now everyone knows the ugly, miserable, horrible, oily Truth.
Just not how to leave...and still keep their oil flowing (here).

Back here at the ol'rancho, Our-Lie hasn't yet reached Truefullness.
But our bubble has indeed burst - KAAAWAMMO!!!
What Housing?
1994 - OC over invests scarily - bankrupts self.
2008 - OC's subprime brainchild submarines entire nation and
parts of World in exceedingly wild housing greedfest as OC Toll
roads remain blissfully priced out of mass-traffic's reach, but:
TCA suddenly in dire financial straits?, as goes OC Housing -
goes TCA (re: Development Fees).

Not to worry: according to OC's Highway Generals we have a way OUT!
TCA's new post-bubble-busting-sub-prime Splurge-Traffic-Strategy:

a. Widen Toll Roads! (what freeways, what mass-transit?)
b. Then artificially lower Tolls (genius).
c. Make up so-called lost Toll-revenues via 'Shadow Tolls' aka our
tax-dollars sucked (subsidized, subtracted, scammed, schamozzled)
outta Measure M money voted-in by us (you-me) specifically to fix
freeway-clog-spots and mass-transit, etc., but never toll roads.

TCA Rationale: "Protect TCA Investors 1st." - before commuters.
Plan: Finagle with OCTA and Caltrans to implement - Bada Bing!

Don't look for major freeway / mass transit fixes until 2030 - 2046.
About the time we have Iraq figured out.

Recommendation for Joe & Jane OC-Commuters: dust off bicycles,
because OC's transportation General's are sitting somewhere on
an empty OC toll road, divvying up our freeway/ transit Measure M
fix-it-money to bolster TCA's 'Loser' private investors.

And maybe a smidgen for themselves?

In OC?
Well, if no one's looking...

News from Sac regarding Parks


Volunteers and State Parks, and the closing of same -
Yesterday in Sac:

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger played politics with parks Monday,
using Sacramento County's treasured jewel of the American
River Parkway as a backdrop to boost a bill to make it easier
for volunteers to keep them clean and green.

Barely an hour after his appearance underneath the budding oaks
by the banks of the river, 200 protesters descended on the Capitol
to implore Schwarzenegger to recant on his proposed budget cuts
that would close 48 parks in the state system.

Schwarzenegger's support for volunteerism in the parks, at the same
time he is seeking to close four dozen of the state's finest came as
a curiosity to west-steps protesters.

Elizabeth Goldstein, president of the California State Parks Foundation,
said in an interview she was in favor of the Schwarzenegger-backed
legislation to reduce the restrictions on people who want to volunteer.

BUT, she also wants to make sure they have a place to do their thing,

"I would hope, since he respects the contributions volunteers make,
he would respect them by keeping the parks open they've been
working so hard to support for so long," Goldstein said.

note: there were surfboards visible in the Capitol / parks-protest,

Save Trestles

TCA - is OC's Circus Act



Response to LATimes (Cal-section), Sat., Ap-5-08
LAT Headline: Toll Agency appeals for calm.

TCA complains, us State-Park-Loving citizens
do protest too much TCA's skewed misinformation
as TCA finagles to pave thru world renowned San Onofre
State Beach Park for a private toll-road to nowhere
few would ever afford at $15 one-way. As gas soars
past $4. This is TCA's answer to relieving OC traffic?
So what's not to scream about?
TCA lawyer Thorton claims booing ensued at Feb. 6th's
Del Mar Coastal Commission's Public Hearing while
TCA's MacLean complains "meeting was chaotic."
Yet it was TCA who bused-in 100's of orange-shirted,
placard-waving "laborers" chanting "Toll Road!,"
clueless to why they were there except for TCA's
free lunch and 8-hour stipend.
MacLean complains the Hearing took place in Del Mar?
In North San Diego County? In a room large enough
to house 3,500 park-loving citizens comfortably (with
a 1000 more outside) for 18-long hours?
But San Onofre State Beach Park sits solely in North
San Diego County - Not OC. Does TCA's wrong-way
MacLean deny geographic reality too?
After 21 traffic boondoggling years, TCA still doesn't
know where it's going. It could make ya'scream.

Our confusing economy - explained


If you're like me, deeply troubled by what's happening with our national economy - specifically our 'burst' housing bubble - the Whys and Hows, but not quite "getting it?"

I read, listen and watch (and wince) trying to decipher Spin from Reality.
Who's selling baloney.
Who's talking truth.

Consistently, over the past 20 years, the two broadcast voices I've grown to trust in their in-depth interview styles - separating truth from fiction are:

Charlie Rose and Terry Gross.

Charlie's 5-nights a week on everyone's PBS affiliate, at 11:30 PCT.

Charlie's a southern Republican: lives in, and loves NYC. A sophisticated, savvy intellectual, who, if our Administration had been watching prior to the Iraq invasion, would not have gone.

Back then, Charlie interviewed, night after night, Iraqi intellectuals, living and teaching here (exiled), predicting what has come to pass. In detail.

When Colin Powell made his now infamous
speech to the UN, with George 'Slam Dunk'
Tenant sitting behind him, my heart sank.

I knew it was a lie, because of Charlie Rose's Iraqi interviews.

Powell still claims he didn't know.

My dark-humor reply,

"Powell doesn't watch Charlie Rose."

(the thought of Powell "knowing" and
lying us into war, is too much to bear)

My other Truth-interviewer, is NPR's
National Public Radio host Terry Gross
(Philadelphia) - Terry locally, on KPCC -
89.5 FM, 4 nights a week at 7p.m.

Terry is not a Republican. In fact, has
had more than a few far-righters get up
and leave her microphone for what they
perceive unfair questions.

Terry, disarmingly soft in her interview style, tosses hardball questions when only hardballs will do.

A famous Terry dust-up - Lynn Cheney.
VIP's wife on a book-tour. Terry being
every author's must-stop-by. A hot one.
Mrs. Cheney's a tough cookie, didn't
leave. But she didn't answer every
Terry question either.

Last night, Terry Interviewed college
professor and Washington economic
insider Michael Greenberger.
The Show's title:

"Our Confusing Economy Explained"

I recommend everyone go to NPR's
website - click Programming, then
Click "Fresh Air" (Terry's show),
go to 'Archives' - click on yesterday's
show (Ap-3-08) and listen.

As the ol'saying goes, "it's an earful"

of turth.

You will understand.


OC Supe's and Guv join Flat Earth Society.



Response to LATimes - Cal-Section, 3-28-01
"OCTA keeps tollway in its plans"

OC Supe's and Guv join Flat Earth Society.

Last TCA Director's meeting Supe Bates exclaimed,
"8 new freeway lanes thru SJC and SC will destroy
those towns!" But, there is no 8-new-lane Plan.
Same meeting - Supe Norby, "flip Sanchez on her
anti 241 toll road stance, or we're dead in the water!"
But Defense Dept's anti-241 extension amendment
was penned by Davis of San Diego...with Sanchez's
support - not her authorship, as gymnastic Guv flips,
firing bro-in-law and Clint too? For supporting what
Guv supported (no toll road) before he chomped
TCA's bait: $100-million cool ones across Navy's
State Park plate (USN holds lease on San Onofre).
Bribing a Toll Way thru CA's 5th most popular State
Park offers zip-relief to I-5's burgeoning mass: is
OC-Supe's curious solution to our mass-transit snarl?
Luckily, CA's Coastal Commission didn't swallow
TCA's koolaide 'con'coction, or dance lock-step to
Guv's looney tune, soberly denying TCA's bribe
and Guv's nudge.
As for OC's Supes, who knows what they drink.
One was found sleeping it-off on the court house
lawn. One imagines freeway lanes that aren't.
As for Guv's (aka Mr. Universe) past sticky-habit -
rumored to shrink brain.

Your next Guv is...


1. Jerry Brown - AG Moonbeam (among other things he attended a Jesuit Seminary towards priesthood)
Few years back heard him speak about how he wished he'd served in the military?
2. Tony V - La'mayor (since divorced - name TBD) 3. Bill Lockyer - Treasurer (Yea! Save Trestles!!!) 4. Jack O'Connell - School Supe (teacher and career politician) 5. John Garamundi - Lt. Guv (snubbed Bush, best Elvis interpretation) 6. *Steve Westly - ex Controller (big bucks, a founder in ebay - tried a Guv-run in 06, co chairs Cal's Obama run) 7. Gavin Newsom - SF Mayor (why not, he got married - divorced, sobered up, stopped cohabiting with best friend's
wife and got married again! All in first 2-years as SF's Mayor.
Ever get the feeling, politicking's not a full-time job, but its perks sure are)


Silly-Valley wannabe-Guvs:

8. Carly Fiorina - ex (fired) CEO of HP(walked away loaded. HP was
very happy...she left)
9. Steve Poizner - ex CEO (sold his silly-valley start-up for
$1-Billion in 2000)
10. Meg Whitman - ex CEO of lots of things, (last-up ebay. She's worth
$1.4 Billion)

11b. *Steve Westly (yes, him again. After making your Billions in SV - next stop Sac)



PBS Frontline's 2-night Bush's War revelations
(last night and tonight) all of the manipulated
run-up: a staggering revelation of total manipulation
and dishonesty by Cheney - specifically.

Bush gets credit, but Cheney's the evil brain.
Not a shred of truth or evidence by either party.
Full-court Administration manipulation.
No one supporting the war, pre-Powell UN's
Sell-Job gets a pass. No one.
Everybody knew and, were compliant.
Cheney's unprecedented manipulation of the CIA,
the State Department, his total influence over Bush
and Blaire, with his best bud and confidant and
coconspirator Rumsfeld - and Wolfowitz, phew.
It was, and is, a total lie.
Whenever we hear the phrase, "We're staying
for National Security Interests is Cheney-speak
for Oil. Period.

No idea what Cheney's 'lie' compares to historically.
But in our US History? Nothing compares.

Ironically, a war-commentator said yesterday,
"the only party benefiting from this mess - is Iran."


A Monday LATimes 'editorial' whacks the
Guv for terminating Shriver and Clint, while
fully endorsing the defeat of TCA's 241-extension:

"the toll road project is dead, and that's enough
to make the California public's day."

Go LATimes!

In other GOOD local eco-news: LATimes Thurs-20th:
a plan to protect 69 wildlife corridors / routes from
Santa Barbara to the Mexican border including
portions of OC's Cleveland National Forest has
been announced. Goal: have habitat corridors
enjoy same status as national parks and forests.

Tidbits: Arnie's Economy (or: Oh why can't my
government run more like a business? In OC it
does - that's why we went bankrupt in 94).
CA's economy: over $1.5 Trillion annually, ranks
8th on the planet (among the 195 other nations).
Arnie says: "my first minute in office I rescinded
the car tax = $6 Billion a year, amounts now to
around $20 Billion (and why the state's budget
is all red ink) - as Guv runs up twice that amount
in accumulated budget deficits including $15 Billion
in direct borrowing from Wall St.

Is that like TCA borrowing from its Security investments:
money accumulated from Bonds sales, then adding-in
development fees (from OC homes sales), then using all
of that to pay down toll road debt - BUT, when home sales
tank, and Wall St implodes, and gas prices soar so freak'n
high finally no one can afford any toll - is that like Arnie's
Economy, or Bush's War economy? Take your pick.

Smile, summer's almost here -


in San Clemente's Sun Post today


full page color Ad - back-page

Huge Headline:

CCC says "NO" to toll road through State Park

with photo from Del Mar's (Feb 6th) Big Weds.

Ad-copy spells out all the details,

sponsored by

Way To Go!

guess who's NOT coming to dinner...


Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's staff notified brother-in-law Bobby Shriver and actor Clint Eastwood they were no longer needed as state park commissioners, reports Terry Rodgers in the Union-Tribune.
Shriver, a Democrat and brother of first lady Maria Shriver, and Eastwood a Republican - former mayor of Carmel, were appointed to the advisory commission by Gov. Gray Davis in 2001.
Three years later, Schwarzenegger reappointed them to four-year terms.
Yesterday, Shriver and Eastwood requested to serve four more.
Not going to happen.

All because they opposed a superfluous Trestles Toll Road? Seems so.

State Park Commissioner's - fired for preserving a State Park???
Who's next, Maria?
Then who - Guv's kids, because they wanna healthy water?
How'bout firing Chula Vista Senator (Dem) Denise Ducheny for trying to cut the legs off California's Coastal Commission.

1st Act - Mr. Universe becomes Terminator.
2nd Act - Terminator becomes Governor.
3rd Act - Governor Terminates California.

No sequel.

Re: TCA Today (Thursday) Mar 13 - 08


At today's TCA meeting (Thursday) we learned many new things -

(having written this immediately following the meeting, new thoughts
regarding OCTA, Chaired by Norby with Supervisor Bates at his side,
regarding a rational, commonsense transportation plan for this county
going forward, have come to mind.
Read the following and mull.
No need to respond. Because there's more to come as we digest TCA's
manipulation of OC's transportation future compromised by the fact -
all the same-bad-players, sit both Boards.
Talking Heads - Talking to the same Talking Heads?
No wonder they agree)

Notes from TCA meeting:

1. Supervisor Norby commanded all Directors (24) to lobby
OC Congresswoman Sanchez hard, for her to reintroduce
a counter-amendment to the one, she and Congresswoman
Davis (SD) injected into the last military appropriations bill
enacted by Congress and signed by the Pres.
According to Supe Norby - unless this happens, the 241-south
will never happen.
Norby suggested, Sanchez is open to toll road discussions.
(Norby is the same Top Dog OC elected, rousted by Anaheim
police recently for sleeping all night on the front lawn of the
Old OC Court House. They thought he was a vagrant. He
said, he had nowhere else to sleep. I'm not making this up).

2. Shadow Tolls
A whole new category / concept in 'toll'ing' OC commuters.
Because of the argument: "tolls are too high, commuters can't
afford them." To increase future toll-traffic, tolls would be lowered
BUT - to not lose revenue, Measure M dollars would be raided
to make up the difference.
Measure M: our tax dollars voted-for, by us, to improve freeways,
arterials and mass transit.
The astute TCA watcher should ask, "but if TCA lowers tolls,
allowing more commuters to take toll roads, won't the toll roads
become instantly overcrowded?"
Because - money would become 'magically' available to widen
the toll roads - to accept the hordes!
But what about widening freeways?
Why do that?

3. At one point, Supervisor Bates (in near hysterics) blasted the idea
of widening I-5 by 8-lanes here (where 8-lanes??? Who's map is
she reading? Not the MIS Study maps).
That, the ONLY possible solution is - widen the toll roads and charge
Shadow Tolls (if the cracked-logic of OC's Supervisors doesn't scare
you - come to a toll road meeting and witness it Live).

4. I believe it was Director Hack (his real name / from Laguna Woods)
who questioned the wisdom of widening toll roads and charging
Shadow Tolls. That the very idea tears at the essential goal of OC
toll roads: a few, very happy commuters, paying big-bucks, to enjoy
a clear, speedy commute. Not afforded by the majority.
In "Hack's" view, a perfect transportation model - working perfectly.

5. Several Directors went into long, confused monologues on how
Shadow Tolls and widening toll roads would create a quicker-end
to toll roads becoming Freeways. Instead of the possible end-date
suggested by an OCTA consultant of 2100.
Here we're making REAL TCA PROGRESS, as it was suggested just
2-years ago by Supe Campbell & crew, a toll road-to-Freeway Reality
could come as soon as 2045...or, ahh, maybe 2065?

Welcome to 2100.

For the record - the original lie was - the 73: freeway by 2015.

6. A big favorite of mine - Director Herzog (Lake Forest) summarized:
if the the 241 is not paved by 2030 (in 22 years?), that the 2-year
long OCTA MIS Study (overall long term transportation model
for South County Study Area: from the 55, south to Pendleton -
Pacific Ocean to Cleveland Nat, Forest), is flawed.
Sounds like: a veiled threat to the folks Modeling the extremely
complicated, multi-modeled (politicized) study area in its 5 different
versions, to somehow, magically pave the 241-south?
You get the feeling, for the Directors most invested (in whatever way)
in a 241 completion: Herzog, Bates, Norby, MacLean - the CCC's
decision has driven them bonkers.
They're facing a reality, they can't fathom.
They're panicky. And nervous.
And, talking more-nonsense than ever before.
Except for one - Supervisor Campbell.
He made one procedural comment, but said nothing in either Board
(73 & 241) meeting. He sits both boards.
And, is their undeclared lead-thinker.
Maybe he was mute because our-side had a camera rolling

7. OCTA has instructed the MIS Study Group (a TCA tactic)
"NOT" to model an alternative without the 241 toll road.

Even tho, TCA Director Harkey, in public, has stated, the road's
a dead-issue, "To move on."
With Norby stating, "if Sanchez doesn't do a 180, and reintroduce
a military amendment to the Feds., the road will never get built,"
(as the pondering, silent, Bill Campbell sits mute)
As Supervisor Bates screams "without the 241 finished to I-5,
widening I-5 will destroy San Clemente and SJC!!!
As another Director blabbed on about the emissions SCAG-claim
(long story) - that SCAG's Executive Director has already seated
publicly, is not true.

You begin to wonder, who are these people preaching to?

Because, except for the few of 'us' there - they are the only other
ones ever in the room?

This isn't about a 241 toll extension anymore.
It goes much deeper.

This is about spoiled children not getting their way -
in their sand box (OC).
Where up until now - it's always been Recess.

And - the housing economy is tanking -
and that's TCA's financial motor.

Stay tuned and stay alert.

Who knows what they might pull next.

They tried to buy the State Park.

They're collectively crazy.
And they drive this county.


Harkey says, "Toll Road is Dead"


e-Memo from deep inside TCA's horse's mouth:

A colleague, who's on the inside of local SC politics,
(and now apparently So-County politics) sent me
this eye-opening a.m. e-memo today.

But, before you read it - know that, Diane Harkey, Mayor of Dana Point /
TCA Director - and staunch supporter of all toll roads - a lady who likes lots
and lots of development - someone our side's been battling FOREVER - and
now she's running for Assembly (gulp) - here's what Harkey said last night
(I've deleted who's house and the sender) as Harkey preps her troops
for her Assembly run (this is amazing) - here goes:

e-memo to jerry -
Jerry , last nite I went to a Diane Harkey-for-Assembly meeting at (delete's) house.

She told all of them, "even Jim Dahl" - the Toll Road is DEAD!!!

"The Coastal Commission voted NO once, and they will do it again next time.
So Get Over it!!! - and move on to another solution..."

Go figure.



p.s. - please, still attend the Dana Point, OCTA Open House Tuesday
to ask OCTA Director Charley Larwood,

"Why the heck, did you delete the No Toll Road Option???"
(now you can add)
Even TCA Director Harkey says it's a dead issue.
So Model it!!!"

The Further misAdventurers of TCA


Remember how, right after Coastal Commission dropped kicked TCA back to their Irvine headquarters (to regroup), TCA packed their kit-bag of Spin catching the first flight out of John Wayne for DC, to cry foul to our Fed Commerce Dept.

The Dept., that if it could, would greenlight any cockamamie development notion anywhere.

TCA's Idea being: leap frog Cal eco-laws quick, and pave San Onofre.

Well, according to TCA's Man in San Clemente, councilman Jim Dahl (he went) - here's what happened (reported last night to SC council): they all went. And saw a lot of important people.
Like our local pro-toll-road-Congressman Ken Calvert (and others.
Sorry, no names).

And - they went by Senator Feinstein's DC office.
She being key to their quickie-DC junk-it.
Actually, Senator Feinstein was their sole reason for junk-it'ing.
But, it seems Mrs. Feinstein wasn't in. Oops.
But they did see her office.

So, was TCA's Trestles toll road junk-it just-more-wasted-tax-dollars down TCA's black-toll-hole (our tax dollars) - no way.
Councilman Dahl reports many successes:
They talked to important Fed-folks about water reclamation (is TCA expanding into water use too?) - they talked to the head Corp of Engineer fella about beach-sand replenishment (hmm, beach tolls?).

Oh, and our Supervisor Bates happened to be in DC giving a terrific speech on something. To who? Not sure. About what?
Not sure about that either. Jim's notes are always a tad sketchy.
He's a big-picture guy. Not so much for details.

All in all, Councilman Dahl was impressed.
The Corp-engineer fella has heard of San Clemente.

That's the report.

Gives you confidence in OC's/TCA leadership don't it?
Jim Dahl lobbying in DC.
It's times like this, my mind wanders back to 1994...
the only county in the history of America to eeeever bankrupt.

That's the TCA News, for now.


Senator Feinstein replies


scroll down to the Senator's reply:

She is listening.

Her reminder of existing obstacles placed in front of TCA
to stop their road to nowhere, is reassuring? We can hope.

Make sure you write her.
Encourage others to do the same:

scroll to: contact me
click: e mail me

Some suggested text, but -
one's own words are always best -

Honorable Senator,

Just Say No to a superfluous TCA's Toll Road paving thru San Onofre State Beach Park.
California's 5th most popular SP / our Yosemite of Surfing / cherished Native American
home to California's Acjachemen people dating back 10,000 years, settled along San Mateo
Creek and it's pristine mentor, the vast, coastal San Mateo Watershed - only 1 of 10 eco-habitats
on the planet of such native, unspoiled natural, diversity.
Pave that over for a private toll road few would ever afford to drive on? And won't help I-5 traffic?
Please, just say NO.
There are superior traffic alternatives available.
California's Coastal Commission understands this.
They got it exactly right Feb. 6th, in Del Mar CA.

Thank you for your continuing leadership and valued support,

your name and address

Dear Mr. Collamer:

Thank you for writing to me to share your thoughts about the proposed Highway 241 toll road extension. I appreciate hearing your thoughts on this matter and welcome this opportunity to respond.

The fiscal year 2003 Defense Authorization bill included a provision exempting the Transportation Corridor Agency (TCA), the agency planning to build the Highway 241 toll road extension, from some California State environmental laws. On February 23, 2006, the TCA board voted to approve the environmental impact statements and construction of the toll road. However, on January 28, 2008, President Bush signed into law the fiscal year 2008 Defense Authorization bill (H.R. 4986), which included the amendment offered by Representative Susan Davis (D-CA) to repeal the federal exemption and require TCA to comply with California State environmental laws.

As you may know, TCA submitted a coastal development permit application for the Highway 241 toll road extension to the California Coastal Commission. The Commission reviewed the permit application, and on February 6, 2008, the Commission found that the Highway 241 toll road extension was inconsistent with the California Coastal Act and voted 8 to 2 to deny the permit.

Again, thank you for your letter. If you have any further questions or comments, please contact my Washington, D.C. staff at (202) 224-3841. Best regards.

Sincerely yours,

Dianne Feinstein
United States Senator

TCA goes to DC


FYI: This past Tuesday night - San Clemente City Council, councilman (and TCA-Chair of the 73 toll road) Jim Dahl announced he was leaving in a few days on a junket to DC to lobby Senator Feinstien and others against CCC's San Onofre ruling Feb-6.

frank-mangled habitat'uals



Frank - mustabeen a slow newsday to cause'ya
to cuisinart your Tues. feb-19 column out of yee
ol'op-ed blender. Or maybe it's - how many
responses can I get from this pot-luck-yuck (and
never mind your no-party-Party. Ink-worthy? - not).

But, that you can rationalize / morph, Elkhorn Slough's
pic-exhibit into 200 train-trestle-words crossing San
Mateo Creek's river mouth, is a stretch equal too
or greater-than the distance between Santa Cruz
and San Onofre State Beach Park, and or - the
open-space (coastal wilderness) between your ears.

Frank, remember all them wake-up-call-moments
back in school, when you'd get caught napping in
History and your teacher'd holler,

"MICKADEIT!!! Listen up!"

Obviously you were napping again during Del Mar's
CCC Hearing. Try and pay better attention Frank.

We'll check back with your column in a couple'a months
to see if your attention span's increased, or decreased
(even further).

serving up History



Councilman's Dahl and Knoblock sit consistently
on the wrong side of SC's recent History.
History: the thing that happens, when we catch up
with, then pass our Future.
As the saying goes "The rest is history."
We speculate on the Future, but boy we all know
'our' History.
In SC's recent-history there's not a single local
development issue Mr. Dahl and Mr. Knoblock
haven't eventually endorsed.
With the two biggies - Pacific Golf Course and
TCA's Trestles toll road culling their on-going
(failed) fervor.
Not surprisingly, Mr. Dahl Chair's TCA's 73 toll
road (yes, the failed one).
Some interrupt that as employment. A 2nd job?
But now that Mr. Dahl's retired from his 1st job,
doesn't his TCA (2nd) job become his 1st job?
Mr. Dahl considers working for TCA - public service.
Like being a council person. But when the public
you serve, refuses to buy what you're serving-up,
then who is Mr. Dahl, and for that matter Mr, Knoblock
actually serving? Because we all serve someone.
History tells us so.

OC's brain asleep at switch - or switched off?



In Tuesday's Feb. 12th Sun Post you report Trestles toll
road 'protesters' - forced to remain outside the 1,800
seat Wyland Hall (Del Mar fairgrounds Wed., Feb. 6).

Wrong on 3-counts:
1. No one was refused entry into the great hall during
the 18-hour long session. Coastal Commission's
decision coming at 11 p.m.
2. Security officers estimated the crowd between
3000 to 3500, with another 1000 milling about outside,
coming and going at will in the filled-to-capacity hall.
3. There were no protesters. Only 'opponents.'

No harm no foul as California's Coastal Commission
sided with 'the opponents,' denying TCA's appeal.
Effectively stopping TCA from paving thru our State's
5th most popular state park - San Onofre.

In an 8 to 2 voice-vote, CCC clearly articulated what
opponents have been saying for 10-years - "the road's
negative's out weigh any positive's." That the concept,
on whole - "is inconceivable."

As the political 'brains' of OC continue to seek approval
for their 'road to nowhere,' speaks volumes to their total
lack of situational awareness - begging the question,

"What else are they getting wrong?" everyday.

And who do we call for help, about that?

Saving Trestles according to KDOC


To: Brad Pomerance

Brad - a weak report brother.

And, you have some basic TCA facts wrong - with key info left out:

1. TCA's 'paved' toll roads are now 51 miles - not 67 miles.
Add in the 241-extension's proposed 16-miles, and you get 67-miles.
The debated 16-mile extension would begin at Oso Pkwy, not Rancho
Santa Margarita, The 241 is already at RSM. County approved RSM's
development (back-when, 20 years ago?) was based on the 241 being
paved there.
Go ask toll-burdened RSM'ers how they like living with only a toll-road
to get home on - and how they creatively avoid it.
2. TCA's spokes-gal neglects to inform OC's commuting public, a 241 from
Trestles to the 91, would (today) cost "$15" one-way (according to TCA).
Make that $25 by the time the loser road would ever be paved (which it won't be).
3. Precisely because of TCA's huge projected toll, OCTA deems the
Trestles-leg superfluous to reducing I-5 traffic - and by 2025 would
be the least traveled pavement in South County.

In simple language: "No One Will Afford To Drive It!!!!" Get It?

4. TCA's Jeff Bott's 'win-win' is just more bogus TCA-spin.
Last time TCA talked about toll roads here going-Freeway,
was 2-tears ago. The date they projected was 2045, heading
to 2065, with an open door - as in NEVER.
Dude, it's the Golden Gate Bridge Promise.
A fat, failing, bloated, tax-payer-sucking bureaucracy looking
for more of the same, while stalling our freeways, where 90%
of us drive, at the peril of TCA's Non-Compete-Agreements
and TCA's clearly discriminative Congestion-Pricing model.

I told you all of this.
You have it on tape.
Where the hell was it?
You stooged us bro - big-time.
Your report was typically status quo biased TCA BS.

Jack and me got up early, to meet you on Del Mar - for our 2-seconds of Truth?

Next time - just ask TCA - they seem to have the answers KDOC likes.

FACT: TCA is a failed financial plan masquerading as a transportation model.

You set me up.

And now, you're setting-up the County.

TCA - a failed investment plan, masquerading as a traffic model



Anyone close to TCA's OC toll road Plan / Model
knows, OC's toll roads were never about less-traffic.
Exactly the opposite.

OC toll roads were configured into South County's
once-open-spaces to fill it with housing. They did.
Job done.

Today: 18% of OC commuters (300,000) take toll roads,
versus 82% driving OC freeways = 1,812,000 commuters,
priced-off toll roads by TCA's Congestion-Pricing model.

Jamming us (82%) onto ailing freeway's we can't "fix"
thanks to TCA/Caltrans Non-Compete-Agreements.
Hobbling Caltrans and OCTA and "us," while we pay
for everything road-related thru highway taxes.

Toll-fare on the embattled 214-ext. thru San Onofre
State Park is estimated at $15 one-way (TCA numbers).
Gasoline, by end of summer, will reach $4.
In 5 years, experts suggest $10 a gallon.

In 5 years, the 241 toll could easily be $25 one-way.

Example: the 10-mile 91 toll lanes cost $10 one-way now.
"$1 a mile" (by those numbers, 241 would actually cost
$35 one-way).

In "real" hard-numbers TCA is failing financially
(worse than we know). The 73's been in financial
free-fall from Day-1.

It's private investment Bonds - junk.

TCA's 241 looks better on-paper, because its
revenue-requirement is set much lower than the 73's.

Note: If a toll road runs empty, it's losing - propped
up by OC real estate "Development Fees."

BUT Housing is Flat. Meaning - diminished
Development Fees 'not' coming in, while soaring gas
prices makes everyone rethink where and how
we'll commute tomorrow.

TCA toll roads are 'constructed' on dollars gleaned
from Private Bond sales. But today, Wall St. Bond
"Insurers" teeter on bankruptcy.

No Bond insurers, means no Bond sales, means
no TCA 'construction-bucks.'

Meanwhile, projected 241-extension construction
costs have ballooned to over a Billion Dollars and
heading higher.

With a $15-to-$25 toll fare, and gas soaring upwards
of $5, which road would you drive to Yorba Linda?
The 241, or the FREE-way?

For the sake of South County traffic, we MUST Fix-5-First.
Then - fix all of our local arterials. Because Toll Roads
are not where OC traffic is. And never will be.

TCA Toll Roads are the cause, not the solution to our
growing traffic tsunami.

As Groucho said, "Who ya'gonna believe - them, or
your own lying eyes?"

OC's the only County to ever bankrupt. We're also
the only County with a bankrupt (TCA) transportation

Paving a 241 extension thru San Onofre solves nothing.

Trestles polling rigged



I suggest you take down your Trestles toll road poll - it's rigged.

In today's real-world opinion gathering, on-line polling numbers
are bogus. Any high schooler can hack the system - and obviously
there are millions of computer savvy techie's ready and available
to do just that, at a high degree of undetectable expertise.

Under close observation by professional computer experts,
watching your polling numbers 'batch' in - from either side, it's
determined your polling data is contaminated aka 'you've been hacked.'

Dump it into Trash - hit Delete.

Sun Post's grumpy old man, gets even grumpier



John Hall, editor'n chief of Grumpy'R me (here in SC,
@ Hall Around Town) just set a new grump-record for
Grim & Grimmer Sun Post prose - all in the name of
local entertainment???

Dear John (aka, I'm Grumpy, how'bout you) lives longingly
in 1952 Hollywood, and or 1928 SC - whichever. But from
where ever UnHappy Hall hibernates, he serves up angry
platefuls of ol'John's Grumpy Gumbo, Spurious Slights and
Cheap Shot Delights if you happen to be one of "us" evil
kind local's concerned with open-space, common sense
traffic solutions, or maybe preserving a State Park?

Here's some of today's UnHappy Hall servings-
(excerpted - Jan. 29 - 08 SPN):

"war, war, war, war, war, war, war, protesting, talking tough,
gloom, doom, snake pit, grumpiest, meanest, angriest,
bitterest, worst, selfish, most combative, clods, lost, quit living,
nolonger works, never did, can't stop growth, assorted bugs,
weeds and rodents, NIMBY, stupid yelling, rabid "No" costly
shame, shame, blasted crooks, stupid bums, dirty rats, shame,
snakes, snake pit, too late...have a nice day."

Someone better check what Grumpy John's putting in his
a.m. coffee, because whatever GJ's goop'du'jour, or any jour -
I'll pass.

winning, takes believing you can


Brenda Miller, one of SC's blessed Cristianitos soldiers
reports: as of 9:30 p.m. last eve, Save Trestles led TCA
(toll road) proponents by 545 votes in the OCReg on'line
'click and vote' your toll road opinion.

Way to go State Parks & Trestles lovers!
(for the record - over 70% of OC'ers think a toll road thru
a State Park is dumb. So you're not alone State Park lover)

To Win - we just gotta believe we can.
Obviously we believe.
As the song says, "Don't Stop Believe'n"

Some folks report not being able to click-on the vote-link.
And of course, OCReg wants the toll road to pave thru
San Onofre ("nothing more than dirt and weeds"), but
we prevailed. No mention in this a.m.'s Reg I could find.
Anyone with a tally, let me know (or maybe the poll is
still on?)

More good news: word came last night during Friends
of the Foothill's 300-plus Save San Onofre's get-folks-to
Del Mar's Feb 6th Coastal Commission Hearing turn-out:
the Davis / Sanchez amendment was penned into law
yesterday - telling TCA: to pave thru Pendleton (aka San Onofre),
TCA must adhere to existing state road-building-law.
TCA's worked 21 years to bypass state laws regarding
paving thru San Onofre.

Onward to Feb 6 at Del Mar.
Lets make it the Turn-Outs of all Turn-Outs.
CCC's booked a room for 3000.
That's big.
Let's flood it.

Spreeeeeeeead the word,


more toll road half-truths and spin from it's new CEO




thanks for broadcasting the Trestles toll road
debate between Surfrider and TCA's new CEO.

I was the "caller" asking the question of Mr. CEO,
"Do you know the proposed toll fare for a Trestles
toll road is $15 one-way?"

He didn't know.

I was shocked at what he doesn't know.
We're you?

Matt McClain from Surfrider seems to know lots more.
Maybe that's no surprise.

After all, surfers here in deepest South OC have been
battling the idiocy of "this" toll-project for decades,
and Mr. CEO's been at his TCA desk less than a year.

Even OC Supervisor Chris Norby knows more about
"this" issue than Mr. TCA-CEO.

At the last TCA Board meeting Supe-Norby stated publicly ,
"If it weren't for the surfriders and the indians (direct quote)
down there, this problem would be over."

Hmm, guess us braindead surfers are 'more-brain' and
'less-dead' than TCA planned for.

We certainly know more "reality" details of TCA's
superfluous toll-road-plan thru San Onofre than
their "new" CEO. He needs homework.

Two more things Mr. TCA-CEO doesn't know:

1. The 73 toll road (the one you drive) is in fact
bankrupt. On-the-road-to-BK since Day-1, the 73
survives today, because of a $1Billion Dollar
Bail-Out loan from the 73's sister toll road (last year),
the 241. The same one salivating to pave its
useless way thru San Onofre.

The Billion Dollar Bail-Out came under threat of
lawsuit from Laguna's 73 (San Joaquin Corridor)
toll board. FYI - check-out the 73's Wall St. Bond
Status - it's Junk. Mr. TCA-CEO apparently doesn't
know that either. He said his roads are healthy,
and a good investment (do you mell snake-oil?).

Another plain-fact not mentioned: TCA's OC 241 toll
road extension would pave-over "a San Diego State Park,"
not an OC State Park. San Onofre is SD - not OC.
All for a toll road no one will drive (OCTA's 07 MIS
Study)? Wow - talk about brain-dead.

I'm preparing a "Letter To The Editor " newspaper
submission based on your debate. I'll forward you
a copy.

Remember - next time you pay your $4.25 one-way
toll on the 73: 80% of OC thru-commuters are intentionally
Priced-Off OC toll roads and onto over burdened OC
freeways, hobbled by TCA Non-Compete Agreements -
all to protect TCA Bond Holder Investors?

Some mass transit model.

What does Ted Turner say,
"Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way."

We want TCA "OUT" of our traffic way.
And out of our State Parks.

They're clogging our commute and polluting our
creeks and oceans. Enough already.

They ain't smart - or honest.

caller - Jerry Collamer

Terminator logic


"'I have concluded
that this project is
essential to protect
our environment
and the quality of life
for everyone in California,'
Schwarzenegger said in
a letter to Patrick Kruer,
chairman of the Coastal Commission.

"'The project can be built
in a manner that will enhance
and foster use of the coast
and protect coastal resources.'"

aka - pave over a State Park
and sacred Native American
history - destroy the last
healthy coastal water's
in 600-miles of SoCal
coastline - all for a private
toll road less than 20% of
the public will ever travel -
and not help I-5 traffic a lick?

Obviously, prolonged steroid
use by males shrink organs
other than just the testes.

Save Trestles
Save San Onofre
Save Panhe

Save us

from Sac today


What the Governor's really up to:

"Some pundits are questioning whether the governor really wants deep cuts
approved 'or is instead' laying the political groundwork for a potential tax hike,
or an agreement on a proposed spending cap.
"'I think this is something he's done carefully,' said Barbara O'Connor,
a political science professor at Cal State Sacramento.
I suspect this is the hard-line position you start from.'
"'I think what he is doing is painting a picture of the nature of the problem
and what the solution would be without any tax increase,' she said."

Capital news


Every morning I receive an Online News blast from Sac (The Roundup) incapsulating the daily goings-on in Sac.

I was delighted this a.m. to see a reoccurring Ad / Alert from "Save the Park - Stop the Toll Road."

Way to go!

From Calvert's lips (today) to...


4:51 p.m. today-Mon., Jan. 7 - 08, SC Community Center -

Congressman Calvert presented his State-of-the-State
(on shaky-ground) and his Capital POV (goes back to
DC aka work - next week), then he listened to SC's
village input = money for the Beach Trial, and parks, etc.

According to our porkly Congressman, anything "beach$$$"
is an easier "get" than parks$$$.
Great for "the Trail," but little or no DC-bacon for city parks.
Has all to do with Corp of Engineers and on-going beach
loss / coastal priority.

Lyn Hicks spoke to closer monitoring of SONGS disaster potential.

Another citizen (Talega res) spoke to the need for a more
comprehensive kid's-in-school evac-mechanism incase
SONGS ever plumes.

The concerned Talega-dad has actually read SONGS
evac-plan: brings evac-buses and drivers from MV - to here
for rescue when the big-boiler's alarms sound.

Calvert said he'd look into it, but thinks it's been recently
reviewed (It has. The SONGS folks think it's fine as is).

Councilman Noblock asked about water-desal here (hmm,
he asks about that a lot). Calvert said too expensive still.
Exactly double the cost of what our water is now per acre foot.
But the price is dropping as cheaper ways to de-salt ocean
water are researched.
Conservation, conservation, conservation - and holding on
to what we've got is the good congressman's recommend.

Then Noblock asked for a toll road update.

Calvert said it looks bleak, now with the Davis-Sanchez
amendment in-place (having passed) - and, that the
upcoming Feb Coastal Commission Hearing (SD) doesn't
look promising for TCA either - BUT,
like good soldiers the city shouldn't give up.

At that point I thought I was having a 6-years ago flashback
when "the don't give up" line was only coming from our side.
The worm turns.

Calvert said he'd go back to DC and keep the pressure on.

Ironical statement, early in the session:
Calvert applauded his sterling local eco-record in preserving
open-space. Mostly in Riverside and the Inland Empire
(San Onofre ain't open space?).

Really, he said that.

He also said, without the 241-ext, SC is screwed,
and that 80% of SC'ers want the road.
Both lies.

Proving - we don't have to watch TV political debates
to hear politicians leak their methane.

We can hear it here live.

Summation: Calvert's 08 outlook - bleak -
but with high hopes for 09.

Footnote: the fella sitting next to me whispered,
"Calvert sure doesn't look to be missing any meals."

I couldn't argue the point.

Onward to San Diego -


Bush Vetoes Military Bill


At the last second, in a surprise move from his Texas Ranch, Bush vetoed the massive Military spending Bill that (I believe) had you-know-what buried in it.

Last night, in an unrelated TV interview, stanch Conservative-mind William F Buckley Jr. inferred, if this was a Parliamentary Government ala Britain - Bush would have been ousted long ago.
That's from America's leading Conservative "thinker."

This last year of Bush-Cheney's gonna be a beaut.

Supposedly, after some changes, the Bill will be signed around Jan 15.
Obviously there are no guarantees.

Words escape me,


TCA & Rancho reach an agreement


Attended today's TCA meeting: they went immediately
into Closed Session - came out and announced the
Rancho's suit against TCA, over the route of the
214-extension thru 'the Donna O'Neill Conservancy'
is resolved.

Must have cost TCA a real-chunk - but we know
money's no object for TCA.

No details were given, except for 241's Chair -
MV's Lance MacLean's comment,

and I quote,

"That's very good news folks."

That's all I know about that.
Check tomorrow's paper for details.

On another TCA issue - TCA went to key Bondholders
and asked their approval for TCA to fiddle with their
Bond Investment opportunity, so TCA can continue
"Merger" discussions (join 73 and 241 Boards into one
Board), thus giving them the financial whatevers to
re-fi their flagging investment picture.

Those "Key" Bondholder gave TCA until Sept 08
to figure it out.
Sentiment on TCA's Board - this is also good news.

Now they can merge and re-fi - and life at TCA will once
again be perfect.
TCA's last failed attempt at this took 4-years and achieved
Solving TCA's Bond re-fi will be, once again, a TCA slight
of hand trick - refinancing a failed financial policy in a
nervous economy? Only in OC.

Speaking of OC's shaky investment ground:

OC's Treasurer Steel, is on the hot seat because of a
threat to OC's $6Billion county investment portfolio.
Seems OC didn't learn much from its 1994 bankruptcy.

Although no other County in the State (but not Florida)
dares to invest "Public Benefits and Retirement money
in controversial (risky) security's - we still do.

$460 million are at stake.

Peanuts really, compared to our multi-Billion 94-BK,
that we pay $90million annually towards the debt.
Until when? Good question.

If it'll make you rest easier this holiday season,
the same folks keeping an eye on OC's investment
picture, plan our transportation.

By TCA's jovial mood today - they're happy with
their work - with the possible exception of TCA
Director Valle Cave (Aliso Viego) complaining
US Postal trucks are using the 73 (clogging up).

Dana Point's (councilwoman / 73-boardmember)
Harkey joined in Ms. Cave's opposition to US mail
trucks slowing down 73 traffic (what traffic?).

Guess they haven't noticed the long line of UPS
trucks jamming 73's right lane, heading up to UPS's
"campus" located on the 73 for the past 6 years.
Maybe Ms. Cave doesn't recognize 'Brown.'

Sitting thru TCA's board meetings you're assured
of two things - at the beginning of each session:
2-Pledge of Allegiances - and 2-Prayers.

If they ever merge, does that mean TCA will only
be half as blessed?


happy holidays everybody,


Orange, is the new Blonde


According to Sunday Reg's Green-man:
To Sprawl is Freedom, and Mass Transit is "Trendy."
And offering folks (OC's work force) a way out of
gouging gas prices and mind-numbing (counter
productive, death-defying) car-commuting is
"Social Engineering."
Wellllllll Welcome Aboard Neighbor - Toot-Toot!
BTW - didn't trains predate motor vehicles, even
here in Blonde County?
FYI Mr. G-speak - It's Caltrans who's pleading
"We Can't Pave Our Way Out Of Congestion"
because population growth always outpaces
pavement-pouring anywhere on the planet.
Even here in Blonde County.
Let's take a "Government" school (aka Public School)
Blonde-math test. It's Subtraction:
If 1-train-car hauls 100-commuters on their way to
and from work -
how many single-passenger-vehicles (aka autos)
does 1-commuter-train-car 'subtract' from OC
freeways, streets (or toll roads) - during rush hour?
Granted, this is a very Blonde test.
But hey, this is Blonde County.
Our new season premiers Tuesday at 10 p.m.
on Bravo.

is North OC waking up to scary traffic options too, aka trains?


In OCReg's Wed. Oct 31-07 'North' county section pg 4,
a teeny-tiny inking towards the bottom of the page,
under the heading Almanac, read this:

Improving Transportation

It stated - Brea, La Habra, Fullerton, Placentia and Yorba
Linda are looking to find ways to encourage residents
to TAKE THE TRAIN or bus and leave their cars at HOME
(my thought - cars at home? In the OC?, isn't that a
criminal offense? An anti-Red State notion. Commuter
trains are so BLUE state. Oh, that's right, we live in
a Blue-state. Hmm)?

Survey topics include: executive shuttles, wireless
internet, buses and providing MORE TRAIN SERVICE.
(my thought - but what about toll roads? Aren't they OC's
ultimate transit weapon?, not Trains. Besides, where
in North County does one catch a train - Disneyland?)

It went on to encourage residents (those in the survey area)
to go to their city's website and fill out a survey.

There was not one mention of toll roads or toll lanes -
or OCTA's rumored use of HOT lanes, aka freeway
HOV lanes requiring a toll-fare to enter.

What's most disturbing - the Survey area: the very same
OC region housing the likes of Supervisor's Campbell
and Norby - OC toll road's most supportive pals.

What's this Orange county going to - the Train?

To Sun Post's editor...


In the interest of editorial disclosure as it relates specifically
to San Clemente, may I be so bold to suggest a subtle but
necessary (as in - long overdue) editorial (Truth in Disclosure)
one-word deletion to your regularly published 'Hall Around Town'
qualifier - which appears regularly at the end of each John Hall

"...Halls opinions are his own and {not} necessarily those of this paper."

My wife and I moved to SC 10 years ago.
Most of that time (3-SP editors worth) we've subscribed to the OCReg / SP.

You will conclude from the tone and direction of my 'in-the-public-interest'
request, an advocacy for Open Space Protection as it relates to SC's
ongoing Quality of Life issues, i.e. traffic - healthy ocean - clean air -
respect for SC's on-going Historical Legacy: Ole's original dream,
"A Spanish Village by the Sea," albeit ersatz in conception (as was
Santa Barbara), Ole's magic perseveres today.

But ironically, not in the wordy intentions of John Hall.

Curiously, one would think (hope) the oldest among us
would care the most about preservation of Ole's Legacy.
Why destroy that?
Makes no sense economically, environmentally, historically,
or civically as the greatest reward is always in Preservation.

But Hall's SP pontifications would quickly plow ol'Ole under.

How much Hall must SC suffer.

10-years of Hall's biased opinion's, masked in fluffy, over-stuffed
social chit-chat, as he blasts negative-salvo after negative-salvo
at all things Preservationist - as if Saving is a bad thing?, a tiring
read and counter productive to any vibrant civic dialogue.

"Mean-spirited" is the phrase I most often hear describe Hall.
His reasons are his own.
I wish Mr. Hall no ill will.
But I do wish him less ink - or at least, a regular SP competing voice,
on the side of SC's Quality of Life issues. Its supportive audience
at least as large as Hall's Chamber of Commerce cronies,
and growing exponentially.

I offer two either-or Hall suggestions:

1. The one-word deletion:

From Hall's Hall Around Town' wrap-up-qualifier - Delete the word 'not.'

SP, long ago cemented Mr. Hall's angry-social-philosophy as its "own."
Possession is 9/10 of the law.
In Time-of-Possession and amounts of ink dispensed you own Hall's
social-angst exclusively.
If that is untended - it is the public perception on all sides.

Regarding your claim: San Clemente's Hometown Newspaper?
Come on.
I doubt any columnist, in any Daily, in this county or the next
are allowed the absolute free and over abundant one-sided ink
to bash at will its town's "Legacy" constituency with no competing
voice allowed - to the degree Hall is allowed.

Many here claim, Sun Post serves as Hall's private bully pulpit.
That Hall is the Post.
Or, the Post is Hall, where in between restaurant tidbits and
Hollywood show-biz nostalgia, over-spiced with college football
(ex-sports writer's unite in SC!) minutia Hall regularly dices and
slices anyone concerned with the actual physical health of this
city as it relates to Real-World Quality of Life issues versus Hall's
Quality of Night-life issues woven disproportionately into his weekly
barrage (fueled as a youngster, sitting grandpappy's knee, as SC
struggled to take hold, burdened by The Great Depression?).

SC is awash in Hall's negative ink.

2. Give Voice to Hall's loyal-opposition in equal volumes of ink.
Turn the Sun Post into SC's True hometown rag.
As in hearing Both Sides?
What a Concept.

Because, as it reads now, Sun Post is Hall's Chamber of Commerce
pedal-to-the-metal vehicle with the occasional wink and a nod
to those in SC who care-most about SC's overall civic-health.

Must we suffer Hall to the point of cancellation?

In Hall's Friday, Oct. 19th 2007 SP-utterance he aptly scribed,

"These are tough times for everybody, especially newspapers."

Hall missed a word - "relevant."
As in, "relevant newspapers."

Relevant opinions.
Relevant public dialogue.
Relevant to both sides in San Clemente's on-going development,
and or, over-development debate.

If we all agree, San Clemente is a treasure - how will we treat our treasure?

Because, whether we choose to leave SC under our own power,
or we're carried out - sooner or later we all leave.

In affect - we're all renters here.

So, what will we leave behind?
That is finally, the only relevant question.

The winds of change are blowing in SC.
With eyes wide open, some choose to preserve and protect our
special treasure of a village with its many natural gifts not yet lost
to private-interest so-called progress.

Is the Preservationist side given equal time in the Sun Post?
I don't see it.

If you are - our relevant SP Hometown Paper - it need be.
As painful as that might be to John Hall and his build
like there's no tomorrow fan-club.

Hmm, maybe they believe, there is no tomorrow?

I hadn't thought of that.

Thank You,

Jerry Collamer
A concerned SC resident -
concerned for the future of the Sun Post
and the future of SC.

from Sac today - "Mimi's run"


Looking ahead to June,
where Mimi Walters is facing a well-funded challenger in her run for state Senate.

"Harry Sidhu said the major event that pushed him to the Republican Party came in 1974,
when he was 17 years old and making $2.65 an hour cleaning a Holiday Inn.
About a third of his first meager paycheck went to taxes,
cementing the matter for the lifelong conservative.
Many other Indians have gone through similar experiences, he said.

"When they arrive in this country, they're Democrats," said Sidhu,
who came to the United States from India.

But over time, Sidhu says, many hardworking Indians migrate toward the GOP.
Now Sidhu is tapping into this community. An Anaheim city councilman for the last four years,
Sidhu is challenging Assemblywoman Mimi Walters, R-Laguna, for the 33rd Senate District seat next June.
The seat is currently occupied by none other than Senate Republican leader Dick Ackerman, R-Fullerton,
who is scheduled to be termed out next year, pending the results of the term-limits change on the ballot. The district is considered safely Republican

superfluous road begets superfluous words


In response to: SP's LTE - Oct. 11-07 - toll road makes sense

Ladera Ranch resident Chuck Gibson's TCA-toll road
missive aka TCA-script extolling the virtues of a disastrous
8-lane toll road fully compromising San Onofre State Park -
SoCal's last pristine coastal wilderness - polluting So-Cal's
last healthy coastal waters (and not do diddly for I-5 traffic)
is blasphemous-moronic in scope and unctuous in content.
Mr. Gibson's carefully parsed TCA-blather is just more foul
smelling, over-cooked TCA drivel emanating from TCA's
kitchen of contaminated toll road hype & half-baked media
concoctions served up daily by paid-to-play OC elected's
hardwired to development self-interests.
Which of those Mr. Gibson is, we can only wonder.
But clearly, his TCA-Team Membership dues are paid in full.
If the soup stinks - don't take a drink. A toll road to Trestles
is one bad road no one will ever travel. Not even Mr. Gibson.
Because for good-reason, it will never be paved.

TCA 'inside' moves paves way to nowhere good


This was forwarded to me by a trusted friend.

Still I wonder who, and how many e-mails back wrote it?

It fits the mode and style of Dana Point's Mayor Harkey - a TCA Director and rabid supporter of Paving San Mateo.
So it's probably real. What's the ol'line regarding e-mail,

"You can be anyone you want to be online."

But it's at least as real as a fellow who showed up at Trestles parking lot Saturday, while we were setting up for the hike and the Paddle-out.

I was standing at the map when he began asking questions.

Questions about the 'Trestles alignment' we've answered soooo many times to so-called interested citizens.

He was tall, pale, about 45. Clean cut. Wore sun glasses.

So pale - my first thought was - he's no hiker.
Certainly not a surfer, and clearly nervous in his questioning. As if he stood on unfamiliar ground.

He asked about the Pendleton farm acreage - south-side of the creek,

"Doesn't THAT pollute?"

I replied,

"It's been shut down for 2-years.
Prior to that, it had no negative effect on the creek."

Then, he nervously pointed to the landfill (dump / Prima
Deshecha) on the map - east-end of Los Rambles,

"That pollutes the creek. It has to."

I said no. That's an entirely different watershed.
All the run-off heads due west, exiting Poche Beach at Capo. And, according to the County, the landfill doesn't leak run-off.
An apples-and-oranges debate.
A mute point.

Frustrated, he disappeared in the crowd.
What was his mission?
TCA plant?

Just as Harkey's (supposed) words here - illustrate how pale-guy got his walking orders to Trestles Saturday.

Inside-TCA orchestrated politics is sleazy.

Makes me think of Calvert's congressional e-mail to us, his constituency.


-------------------------------------how it
>> Roberto –

>> we (the TCA) are scheduled to appear before the Coastal Commission on
>> the date above.
>> The Hearing will be held in San Pedro. Staff is recommending denial
>> of the completion of the 241 (no surprise).
>> However, we offered $100M in goodies to State Parks and that is not
>> presently being considered by Coastal Staff.
>> They have refused to postpone the hearing, so far. I need you to
>> round up bodies to appear at the hearing.
>> This will affect the quality of life in SJC as you know.
>> It is important for the entire region that this road be completed.
>> The Surfriders will be in force at the hearing – we need some of
>> those residents truly affected to show up as well.
>> We cannot have just elected officials in the room taking the darts.
>> Get you neighbors involved…and any NIMBY groups you know. The I-5
>> widening that the Coastal Staff is referring to as the alternative
>> takes out huge portions of SJC.
>> We have asked your city council to help round up troops as well.
>> Above is some information but the Coastal Commission website should
>> have the rest.
>> If the hearing gets postponed, I’ll let you know. I’ll be out most of
>> the day so please help and don’t delay.
>> Diane L. Harkey, Mayor
>> City of Dana Point
>> Home Office: (949) 240-6959

CCC Ready to Sacrifice Homes and Businesses to Ease Freeway Congestion


Send our Man in Congress,
"Wrong Way Calvert"
a message.

I just did.

I Invited our portly-poli-TCA-schill
to walk with me along I-5 to witness traffic Reality
and to learn (hoohaw).

Voice your opinon here.

He will get it.

Calvert offers bogus choices based on TCA lies.

We're doing amazing - obviously.

Let's all keep doing it,
because ONE of our letters is
worth 100 from the other side.

Because the "other side" is them.


Dear Friends,> > As you may know, last week the California Coastal Commission issued a > staff report recommending that commissioners deny certifying the > Foothill-South Toll Road Project. At a future meeting, the Commission > will consider Foothill-South’s certification which is required to > secure state and federal development permits.> > The Foothill-South Toll Road will complete Orange County’s 67-mile > toll road system. Currently, the Foothill Toll Road, State Route > 241, ends at Oso Parkway. The Foothill-South will allow drivers to > continue further south to Interstate 5 near the Orange and San Diego > County line. The general route of the project has been on Orange > County’s Master Plan of Arterial Highways since 1981 and has > undergone an extensive 20-year planning and environmental process.> > Amazingly, the Commission report contends that adding capacity to our > freeway system will lead to more congestion. Think about that for a > moment – the Commission actually believes that adding more freeway > lanes will result in more congestion! Following that line of logic, > reducing freeway lanes would reduce congestion. Rest assured, I > strongly disagree with this recommendation and won’t be proposing to > reduce the number of lanes on Interstate 5 or the 91 Freeway anytime > soon. (FYI: This is the same commission who rejected building the > U.S.-Mexico border fence because, according to them, the harm to the > habitat outweighed security benefits.)> > The Commission report goes on to suggest that a better alternative to > the Foothill-South is a proposal to expand Interstate 5 in San > Clemente despite the fact it would require significant use of eminent > domain to condemn long existing houses and businesses. The report > casually dismisses any concern about the broad use of eminent domain > by stating it is a “more easily quantifiable social and economic > mitigation.” Once again, I strongly disagree and feel that most > families don’t view the notion of their home being bulldozed as > something that is “easily quantifiable.”> > While most south Orange County residents recognize the need to reduce > traffic congestion, some understandably have concerns about the > potential negative impacts associated with constructing a new > highway. > > I strongly believe that the Foothill-South Toll Road can > and should be built in a manner that eases congestion while > mitigating impacts to the environment. In doing so, I am convinced > we can improve the lives of residents by reducing traffic without > sacrificing the wonderful environment along the south Orange County > foothills and coastlines.> > I welcome your input as I understand this is an issue that is > important to the constituents of the 44th Congressional District of > California. > > >

Sincerely,> > KEN CALVERT> Member of Congress

TCA blinks - Cancels Coastal Commission Hearing.

Today - Saturday - Oct. 8-07 - pix-10:30 a.m. Trestles

You heard it here - cancel the buses,stop the presses - don't order pizza,cancel your reservations at San Pedro's4-Seasons for Oct. 11th -
because TCA bonked today.

They pulled their Oct 11th request / application off CCC's table.
We won't be going to San Pedro.

TCA said they have too much environmental stuff to review.Maybe their lobbyists are slow readers?Anyway it's off.For now.But stayed tuned, and stay alert, because like the fluTCA shall return.

We can wonder, but we can't know why they canceled.But know this - if TCA thought they had a winning hand,they would not have canceled.

Public opinion is with us.More everyday.70% of OC's public give a resounding "No!!!" to a toll roaddissecting San Onofre State Park.Our state's 5th most popular.The last healthy coastal water in 600-miles of SoCal's coastline.

Lose that to a private toll road with a $15 to $20 one-way toll?No wonder OCTA deemed it superfluous to easing traffic anywhere in OC.

Today (Sat) began with breakfast at San Mateo Campground(hosted by Rebecca Robles and her Acjachemen tribal members) -then a hike, finishing with a 10:30 Paddle-Out at Trestles.

The over 300-participants attending the breakfast,the hike and the paddle-out are proof San Onofre State Beach Parkis a place to be revered and protected - forever.

TCA balked today.

The Spirit of SaveTrestles is Great, and growing.

Remember this - everyday there's no toll roadto Trestles - we've Saved Trestles -and everything good.

Onward Cristianitos Soldiers -
our path is straight and true.


We did it again today.

Spread the word,

OCReg Headlines design to confuse on toll road


Buzz, Hype, Jive, Spin, Secret Code Words,
come at us fast and furious.

Glossed over facts - hiding the facts.
All in a day's work for those paid to mislead.

In fact, the fact is - learning to read between
the lines is where we uncover today's OC truths.

To get to the toll road Truth today - ya'gotta dig for it.

Ironically, buried in today's OCReg Obit-page,
bottom left hand corner, right under Nearly Nude
Man found in Nic Cage's home - is a Toll Road blurb!


Poll finds OC residents generally favor toll roads

Read no further, and you'd believe, against your
better judgment - folks in OC really like toll roads.

"So keep on paving'em TCA!!!"

But, if you read the text, here's what "it" says:

70% polled OPPOSE a toll road thru Sate Parks.

66% OPPOSE a 241-south extension (to Trestles)
being paved - Oso Prkwy to Pendleton.

Out of 800 OC-folks polled - 70% OPPOSE a
toll road thru San Onofre State Park.

A clear OC majority.

So where's the truth?
Not in the Headline.

Keep digging Truth-Seekers, and you shall find.

Re: OCReg - Local Section
Obit/OC Wed.
Oct. 3rd-07
page Local 7

Greed's a needy mistress. TCA its reckless suitor


Greed's a hard habit to break.
Maybe the most difficult.
Impossible for some.

It knows no age range,
sex or border -
infecting at will
our pliable
manipulated psyches.

False promising satisfaction
as Greed woes us,

"take more - you deserve it."

But more just leads to more
and more and more and more

until there is no more.

Then what?

Then Greed introduces Bribe.


TCA offers State Parks $100-million
to devour its soul - and more and
more and more...


$100 million buys'ya a state park?


If you haven't already read, you're gonna read:

TCA's offered a $100-million,
to in effect, buy-off State Parks.

This comes hot on the heals of San Diego saying NO
to a toll road thru Sano - as Coastal Commission Staff
recommend the same -

NO to a toll road wrecking San Onofre.

Never let it be said TCA (failing toll roads and all)
doesn't have a bucket of money stashed away
from 22-years of collecting 'Development Fees'
on every new house sold in OC since 1985.
Gotta be gazillions.

Supe Campbell, two years ago stated publicly,

"We don't need no stinking Bond money to pave
the 241-extension. We can pay cash for it right now.
Out of pocket!"

Boy, wouldn't ya'want to be a fly on the wall of TCA's
emergency closed-session meeting room yesterday,
with all them panicky Directors squealing their tires
to get there - to figure out,

"Whaadowedonow Chief?"


"Simple, we buy the damn state park.
What county is it anyway?"

(remember, he's a new Chief)


"buut, ahh, ca,ca,can we do that???"


"Here! - that's a $100-mill (ker-plunk). Watch
all'em little surfy-dudes paddle for the horizon
when they get a load of what TCA-green buys..."

Now let's imagine how they decided on $100-million?

Did they check Comps:

There's a 2,500 sg. ft. house in Laguna, on the
water, asking $45-million - on a regular sized lot.

In Bev Hills, the ol'grand Hearst estate - maybe
14-acres - asking a cool $164-mill
(nowhere near the water).

With the proposed toll road's projected cost
close to a $Billion - and we know that's low,
as projects that size are essentially blank-check
projects - so double it and it's still probably not
enough. So, ahh, $100 mill buys a $2Billion
construction contract? That's a steal.

Obviously TCA doesn't think Sano's worth much.
But we've always known that.
Which OC assembly gal referred to Sano as,

"a bunch of dirt and weeds"

So. Sorry Chief. Not enough.

Not even close.

Let's suggest they deposit their $100-mill back
in TCA's secret spot - where the sun don't shine.

Save Trestles, and we save everything good.


1st time in recorded history - happened in SC last night


"Money Talks, and B_ ll Sh_t Walks"
happened last night at SC city council
(Tues., Aug. 21- 07, mark your calendars)
as a balls-out, $bucks-up$ LA-developer,
against the better-judgment, hard work
and wishes of a clear majority of SC's
citizenry, and a minority (2 out of 5) of
SC's council - with a cashiers-check,
bought an election.

Before the CC meeting began - the LA
developer's boy-robin, 'mini-me-Mcquire'
hand delivered - in clear public view of
the entire (packed) room, a cashiers-check
for $65,000, to literally buy - the election.
And it's legal.

One of the council scoured every known
info-source to see if this precedent setting
bald-face buying of a city 'referendum'
election has ever happened before.
It has not.
SC leads the way.

Our public-vote is the first to be bought
and traded on the open-market, in full view
of the council, it's staff, and the electorate
seated in the audience (and at home on TV).

3 of our 5 council-folks saw it as - "business as usual."

Being bought.

Maybe to them, it is.

For the rest of us, seeing it happen Live
before our very eyes (and on TV),

is the new part.

Word on "The Street" at SC's Fiesta Day - Saving Trestles is a mighty good thing


Huge POSITIVE public response to our Save Trestles 'Friends of the Foothill' Tent at San Clemente's annual Fiesta Day, yesterday - Sunday, August 12th.

All of South County coming here, to enjoy a spectacular SC summer-beach town Sunday - jamming our FOF Tent / Tables - signing everything we had - writing postcards to the Coastal Commission, getting Polaroided (stapled to their cards) - wearing Save Trestles T's , taking bumper stickers and whatever else we provided - is and was, a delight to behold (dream come true dept.)

Most heard phrases:

"I thought that road was dead"

"Is that stupid idea still going"

"Where do I sign"

"Thanks for doing this"

"Keep up the good work"

"How can this city government endorse a toll road - here???"

All the nonsense we hear from OC's bully pulpit - and the spin pouring from too many OC city halls pumped-out adnauseam via TCA spin (lie)...

to all of that - "The Street" says -

"No Toll Road!"

Loud and Clear.

Sierra Club and Surfrider's non-stop dedication to erasing TCA's superfluous road - in the hearts and minds of 99% of "The Street," is working. Absolutely.

Every year, the "The Street's" response to our continuing message 'No Toll Road' grows exponentially.

Visible proof? TCA's Fiesta Day Tent - once again, folded early. "The Street" is not polite to them.

My sense is - all of OC is trapped in traffic and everyone now knows, TCA toll roads are not the answer - obviously.

And - we're 'the voice' talking honestly to south county's "Street" about what needs be.

Clearly, we've earned credibility.
We haven't gone away - and TCA's toll roads have not proved an advantage to "The Street."

"The Street" knows, a 241 south extension is bogus.

Not a solution.

What "The Street" doesn't know - they're learning fast.

That's our job - on "The Street."

Robin Everett - our new Brittany, was fabulous yesterday.
Welcome Robin.
You're a wonderful addition.

Matt Kolysko stood at 'the map' explaining, teaching, informing, in the sun - 8-straight hours - amazing.
Jack Eidt, Mark Peltier did too.
Everyone did amazing.

Robin and her volunteer crew Polaroided a nonstop "Street"
flow until we literally had no printed material left - as "The Street"
kept coming until the last bell was rung and we had to stop.

I'm convinced - if a south county 'Street poll' was taken today, a 241 south extension would fail.

I also know - South County's powers-that-be, are not the pulse of "The Street."

Our message is.

Thanks to Elizabeth Lambe, and Brit, and Bill Corcoran and Robin now, and the 100's (and or 1000's) - who came before, and keep coming from "The Street" and Sierra Club - and Surfrider (Brian Alpers, Mark Peltier, Mike Metcalf - Street Heros) in what has become a true Joint Powers Coalition of The Willing - facing down TCA lies - winning the hearts and minds of "The Street"
with truth.

I so wish, every single person ever involved in this "Street"
effort to Save Trestles was there yesterday to feel it.

In "The Street" we win - as TCA folds tent and runs.

I'm so very proud to be a part of this valiant, worthy, and necessary effort.

Save Trestles, and we save everything good.

I hope everyone's Sunday was as rewarding as mine - hearing south county's public-voice endorse what so many have labored 24-7-365, for so many years now -

"No Toll Road."

Woody Allen's right - "90% of winning is showing up."

What a great day it was for our side.

We'll keep showing up.
We all must.
It ain't over till it's over.

Stay tuned,


p.s, if you don't have a Save Trestles yard sign, e-me back and we'll hand-deliver as many as you want, to your door (free). Bumper-stickers too.

a fool's words drive a fool's road nowhere fast



Responding to: OCReg, Local Sec - 8-9-07 -
MV's David Steenblock
How to traffic in greater job growth

HOV lanes, HOT (toll) lanes and Toll Roads
- wispy daydreams of highway theorists penning
Ivory Tower, old-school commute solutions for 'the'
fewer-and-fewer (hello congestion-pricing) - as we,
'the' more-and-more swarm onto over-promised,
no-space-available free(?)way pavement we so
willing support thru optimistic-road-taxation, as our
real-world lane-space-availability shrinks (and skids)
to bumper-on-bumper lame lane-games = equals
no-gain / just more road pain, as said theorists
computer-model us into fantasy freeway spaces
that don't exist. Question: What IS their game?

Regardless, ego-driven elitist-lane pontificator's
aka MV's Mr. Steedblock ('block' indeed) wants his
own private lane to LA at any price regardless of
cost to MV's Lordly Highwayness. Dare he host a
perked-TCA transponder neath his royal cloak?

As S-Block states it, "I'm the Boss! Let the peons suck
my super-deluxe exhaust!" When all Boss-Roadblock
need do (to further this absurdly myopic discussion) is,

"Speedblock, just stay home!
Do not create your 'new-fantasy' biz in LA.
Do It Here.
Where you (block-head), and your suffering OC labor
force bed down - ya'think?"

Better yet.
Don't do anything Blocky.
Stay retired.
We need your endangered freeway lane-space.
It's been bought and paid for - by 'us.'

Less is more
Less is more
Less is more

Repeat 1000 times. Maybe you'll get it.

what's a 'kucklehead'



according to Webster -

is a knucklehead-opinionist,
blurred by his own over-wordiness.

Apologies for misspelling - the Title???
(and a couple'a other 'kucklehead' gaffs)

Who brought it to my attention -

my (kucklehead) brother Dino - of course.

over-cooked-kucklehead wants toll road


Save Trestlers -

I'm forwarding you a comment that came to me
via my website, from an SC-res wanting the toll road.
I deleted his name. It doesn't matter.
And I've answered him.
99% of comment-submissions are 100% positive regarding our efforts.
But there's always the knucklehead.
You can count on it.
This guy's having a bad traffic day.
That, we can all sympathize with.

(thought - after we Save Trestles,
I'm starting a restaurant here called,
'We Saved It' - on the menu:
and Knucklehead in a Jar - for Take-Out.

Enjoy the read.
Feel free to share.
name: M___ MC___________k

location: San Clemente

comments/questions: I am sick and tired of the traffic and all these Save Tresltes stickers. If you have to go anywhere north of San Clemente on a Saturday during the summer it takes forever to get back home because of all the traffic. It backs up every weekend to Avery, Oso, or even the 405. It really made me mad when I was stuck in the backup and there was a Hummer in front of me with a Save Trestles sticker on it. I don't understand all these people in south county fighting the Toll Road. How can they stand all the traffic. The traffic is out of control, and Trestles is already a dump as it is. These Save Trestles people crack me up. Its the dirtiest of all the SC beaches. Every sign covered in SURFING stickers, obscene things written in SURF wax on the pavement, graffiti everywhere, and trash all over the place.It seems to me that the SURFERS destroyed trestles a long time ago, not the motorist heading south. I say SAVE SAN CLEMENTE, BUILD THE TOLL ROAD!!!!

Dear Sick and Tired,

Everyone agrees - traffic sucks pretty much everywhere.
In OC, in LA, in SD - even in Maryland.
(even in San Francisco)

Cal is America's most populated state, with the majority living
south of Bakersfield - with our fastest-growth happening on
OC's eastern border in Riverside and the Inland Empire.

No wonder our roads overflow.

Too many people for the available road space.

As Caltrans confesses,

"We can't pave our way out of congestion."

Reason being - populations grow fast - while road and rail
infrastructure improvements grow at a snail's pace.

So - by the time new roads are in - they're already obsolete.

Since 1985, 51-miles of new super highways have been
built here in OC.
You'd think that would lighten our freeway load.
51-miles of new super highways here?
And why haven't those 51-miles of new OC super highways
lightened our freeway load?

Because, to drive those 51-miles of new OC super highway
requires paying a hefty, hair-rising Toll.

In fact - the more traffic there is everywhere in OUR county,
the more expensive OC toll roads become.

Welcome to Congestion Pricing.

This keeps commuters OFF the 51-miles of OC toll roads,
jamming everyone (you and me) back onto Freeways we can't fix (huh?)

because of Non-Compete-Clauses enforced by TCA (OC's toll road folks).

Fact is - those 51-miles of unaffordable (for most folks) toll-ways
are supposed to be Freeways.

Really. That was the promise.

Instead, they keep raising toll prices, to keep most folks off.

So where does everyone end up? In front of you - stopped
on the freeway. And guess what - if you pay taxes, you pay
for both - the empty Toll Roads and the jammed-Freeways.

Point being - if the Toll Road Promise of Smoother Traffic Flow
throughout OC is why we have 51-miles of toll roads - why
is traffic continually getting worse?

Think about it.

And, if 51-miles of toll roads haven't helped ease OC freeway
traffic - why would an additional 16-miles of toll road from
Trestles north, help I-5 at $12 to $20 a one-way toll?
The predicted toll fare if a Trestles toll road was up and running today.

$12 to $20 bucks one-way? Ouch.

Would you pay a $12 to $20 toll to drive it to Rancho Santa Margarita?
Very few would. Most won't and never will.

That's the point.
Toll Roads here, are Price-Managed, to keep most folks off
(maybe you too) and back onto our over-stuffed freeways - BUT
we can't fix our freeways...?

Yep, because of TCA Non-Compete-Agreements.

Them's the hard-to-stomach facts.

A major OC-Highway study was done this last year by OCTA -
to determine how effective a Trestles toll road would be in
helping to alleviate OC freeway traffic.

What they determined is:

a toll road to Trestles, in 25 years would be the least traveled
stretch of OC highway in the entire county. Surfers didn't
do that Study. OC's Transportation Experts did it.

The problem here is, not that we don't have enough pavement
to drive on - we do. It's just that 51-miles of OC super highway
pavement is purposely kept from us by ever-higher toll fares.

So we all sit, stalled on the freeway, pissed-off - when not a mile
away, a toll road (your taxes pay for) - sits pretty much dead-empty
20 hours a day - and then, is only lightly traveled the other 4 -
during rush hour. That's TCA's plan.

As for Trestles being already ruined? Not.

In fact - according to the San Diego Regional Water Board
(the folks who monitor coastal waters from the Mex-border
to 600-miles north) - San Onofre State Beach Park, which
includes Trestles is SoCal's LAST consistently Healthy surf.

As for surf-stickers on metal signs down at Trestles,
that doesn't effect the ocean quality - nor does the graffiti
chalked and painted on the paved trail down to Trestles.

It might be no fun to look at - but by winter it will be
worn off - to be graffitied again next summer.

It don't affect the beach - or the water, or the break.
Just the funky old trail asphalt.

If you don't like the way Trestles Beach looks, or Cottons,
or Church, or Sano, or Trails - each his own.

As one of 12 globally renowned surfing beaches on the planet,
the World sure likes it.

As for Hummer's flying Save Trestles stickers, hey, it's
a free country - at least that Hummer driver knows a good
healthy surf spot when he sees it. And wants to save it.

Works for me.

What I've learned in speaking-out to Save Trestles
from TCA's needless toll road thru our State's 5th
most popular State Park is -

a private toll-road there would destroy 60% of the Park -
and not help I-5 traffic a lick (would in fact make it worse),
while polluting San Mateo Creek, which feeds Trestles
it's healthy water, its sand and its rock-bottom necessary
to keep reforming Trestles perfect break -

that when folks want the toll road - regardless of consequence,
I find they fall into several categories:

1. Naive - don't know the facts
2. TCA employees - defending their jobs
3. OC Realtors - thinking not having that road
will effect home sales (their job). Wrong.
The San Mateo Watershed, what the toll route would dissect -
is 34,000 acres of set-aside open-space.
Never to be developed. Ever.
4. Engineer types - who like building big-stuff anywhere,
or have a vested interest in OC highway construction
5, Homeowner's from other cities, thinking a Trestles toll road
will either get them to Sano, and or SD 5-minutes faster.
What most don't know is - the exorbitant toll fare that-road
would extract. Once they know that, they don't want it either.
6. The majority of OC politicians who's political careers depend
on them supporting any counter-productive traffic idea TCA
dreams up.

But now I know - Thanks to You - even OC-Hummer-owners
don't want that superfluous, needless toll road to Trestles.

That's encouraging.

Thanks for the heads-up.

Have a good day. I hope you find a beach you like.
When and if you do - work to keep it healthy.

Like how we're Saving Trestles - for the next generation
and the next, and so on.

It's worth it.

As for toll roads here - they're why OC freeway traffic sucks.

Good luck and drive carefully.
OC Toll Roads often cause road-rage in Freeway drivers

Now you know why.
Not everyone does.

Thanks for your comments.

Mon a.m. toll road tally - Wildlife - 1, Commuter - 0


Apparently, while dodging a deer-in-the-headlights late
Sunday night on Laguna's 73-toll road, the deer won
and the SUV driver lost.

Reminding me of the too many times, green-concerns
have been voiced to the TCA regarding appropriately
sized animal under-crossings and proper toll road-side

But that's not in their budget, as they raise fares to keep
toll-attendance low, and wildlife find their way onto empty,
wee-hour, pitch-black toll roads dissecting South County's
wilderness, where a pay-to-speed reward through seemingly
empty toll-darkness exercises the pedal-to-metal urge.

A sad, ironic result to TCA's Ad-promise,

"Drive Less, Live Longer"

Maybe TCA's Ad-slogan should read,

"Pay More and Drive at Your Own Risk Neighbor -
cuz the Toll Might Kill'ya - in more ways than one."

SC's Peanuts Gallery's roar - a fluke, or seachange?


Publish at will, or at the very least share.
Remember - 90% of winning is showing up.

Toot-Toot! fellow SC peanut-heads.

9-years ago, the Dorey De'Rail Train pulled into town.

I know, because Carol and I walked Del Mar for the
first time that typically picture-perfect SC Saturday and
were swept on board. Who knew the wild ride those on
Steph and John's Truth & Freedon train were in for.

Well neighbor, their brave train's still chugging strong,
as recognized last Council Meeting when Charles Mann's
relentless army of citizen-signature-gathers pulled off
what Development-Interests here paid mightily to defeat.

A 5-0 vote in favor of SC's endangered legacy -

our Open Space.

If you weren't there, or didn't watch it on channel 30,
what you missed was SC's public voice - 8,400 strong,
delivering a knock-out punch to those on council on
the wrong side of this village's Open Space pendulum.

Frustrated in defeat, our pave-happy-mayor labeled the
enthusiastic chamber audience "The Peanut Gallery!!!"
(Gourmet peanuts to be sure. Fresh and crackling)

Councilman Eggleston reminded Mayor-Jim (no doubt
groggy from his KO-knockdown), we peanut gallery'ists
we're also THE CITIZENS of Ole's dream come true.

After the 5-0 majority vote (with our flummoxed mayor,
recognizing a wave too high to paddle over, mumbled
a disgruntled 'aye' as he rolled his board under the surging
swell) Councilwoman Donchak noted a changing tide
in the village, towards things green, and blue, and clean,
and healthy - and Open.

As this village must remain.

So Steph Dorey's Truth & Freedom Train rolls on with
SC's new "Peanut Gallery Express" - Engineer Mann at
the controls. Making sure its direction remains straight
and true.

Get on board neighbor. It's the ride of a lifetime.

peanutty collamer

SoCal Surfers Unite - over Trestles



Trestles -

Point of Clarification: Mayor Jim Don't Surf - San Clemente
Mayor Jim Dahl (supports destroying Trestles) - a surfer? Ha!

JD hasn't waxed his board in 45 years. Recently retired from
SC's Fire Dept - cause: Bad Back, is Chairperson of the 73
(failed) toll road here - also sits the 241 toll road board.

JD's a paid, perked, 10-year employee of the TCA aka OC's
toll road pavers.

Fact: OCTA - OC's grand pooh-bah of OC-transportation
deems a Trestles toll road 'superfluous' to all OC traffic:
OCTA MIS 07 Study.

Locally referred to as 'the road to nowhere good' with
a potential $12 to $20 one-way toll no one will ever drive
would destroy 60% of Cal's 5th most popular State Park
while polluting the LAST 'heathy wave' in 600-miles of
SoCal coastline from the Tijuana border north, and do
zip for traffic here.

A grossly unaffordable toll.

Jerry Collamer