Thursday, June 26, 2008

OC's eyes wide shut, but the worm never sleeps
(Supe's snooze as Reality comes to OC)

If we are what we read, eat, hear and see,
then OC is in serious trouble of striking out.

With our World zooming to 'renewables'
(finally) - oil, a shrinking commodity, profiteers
hawk Nuke-power as the second coming.

But one must ask, "What about Nuke's
ever-lasting too-hot-to-handle by-product
Spent-Fuel-Rods? They never ever cool.
Incased in concrete prayers, we pass our
dangerous, deadly legacy on to our great,
great, great, great, great grandchildren.

Thanks a hot-heap grandpa.

But the worm has turned neighbor.
Future Shock is here.

In 1972 Alvin Toffler wrote,
"In the three short decades between now
and the twenty-first century, millions of
ordinary, psychologically normal people
will face an abrupt collision with the future."

Who knew it would be at our gas-pump?
Our light bulb?
Our commute?

Our addiction to oil, suddenly unaffordable.
OC's daily car commute - unaffordable.

Still OC's Supervisors crazily champion

more Toll Roads; unaffordable to ordinary,
psychologically normal people wondering
HOW we'll afford to get to work tomorrow,
as OC's development interests slither
under political backdoors, paving TCA's
way to ever more freeway congestion.

Gated highways to Gated communities.
Self serving private highways for the few,
as the-many sit stalled in freeway traffic.

When LA saw the light (rail), laying track in
every direction, OC Supervisors (here and now)
scoffed at rail commuting as not the OC way.

With eyes wide shut they rabidly endorse
TCA's failed toll road system - "Build More!!!"
cried the village idiot as the ground beneath
him caved from the weight of his own Reality.

Memo to OC Supes:
Can't see the future with your eyes wide shut -

Memo to OC Public: On July 24th or 25th (TBD)
at the Bren Center, UCI Irvine (exact day to be
announced) ordinary, psychologically normal
people like YOU will have the opportunity to
tell our Fed Commerce Department,
"NO Toll Road to Trestles.
A dumb transportation concept, out of step with
the times, with nature, and OC's REAL WORLD
everyday transportation needs. Just say no."

It will be an eye & ear popping experience.

Be there.
Or be asleep,

pass the word.

Monday, June 16, 2008

SC Smog Test, from sea

Smog Test for Mr Alford of SC (SP-LTE-June 14-08), floating his boat off SC, determining our air quality -

1) At $15 a one-way toll (TCA's prediction), how many polluting vehicles would a Trestles toll road 'take' from I-5 at Cristianitos Rd. with gas at $5 a gallon heading to $8:
A. None.
B. Only Rock Star limos and the Pope's motorcade
C. Tons of Nuke-waste, transported thru Mission Viejo
D. High speed car-chases short-cutting to Corona

2) With gas soaring towards $8-bucks a gallon, every automaker in the World is dumping SUV production, making way for electric-hybrid production.

A hybrid's smog output is:
A. None
B. Smells like garlic (no that's a converted diesel)
C. No smog, just evaporating water drops
D. No smog. And no sound

3) How many car-commuters are high-tailing it into van-pools, buses, light-rail, car-pooling, generally driving less period:
A. All who can (with more onboard everyday)
B. Even more than "A" suggests
C. More than OC Supervisors admit to, as they death-grip TCA's failed, tanking toll road myth. D. All of the above and then some

4) At $5 to $8 a gallon "Border-traffic" / Caltrans' label for SC's typically heavy Weekend I-5 traffic, is:
A. Fast diminishing
B. Lightening up quicker'an you can say, "who needs a border fence?"
C. Here today. Gone tomorrow.
D. Being lessoned by OPEC as you read this.

Finally: To Mr. Alford (floating his boat off SC), contemplating the beige air-quality overland - turn your boat around and head for the horizon, or come to shore. Gas'ly events are transpiring here to do what TCA's toll roads never will do for OC freeways - lighten their load. It's absolutely electric!

Either way, Bon Voyage!

Dahl Daze


Every town has one, some have two, some have a complete set of inexplicably confounding council folks, who regardless of common sense rulings and majority opinions, will always row their 'own' boat over-the-falls repeatedly. It's a given. Like in the scary movie, when you know bad things are behind the door, and the actor goes in anyway.

You're thinking "Don't Go In There!!!" but they go in and get slimmed, or eaten, or turn into a mummy. San Clemente has one of them.

He claims to be a surfer. But he would pave Trestles tomorrow, for a toll road absolutely no one would ever drive on?

A retired local fireman - grew up in SC's quiet village by the sea, yet approves every sprawling development idea that sneaks its way into Council Chambers. We gotta keep City Hall's backdoor locked.

Probably needs a guard there. Because several besides 'Him' (on

Council) are also suckers for the swooning temptations of the next pretty faced developer looking to intercourse the layers of protective governmental safe-guards cities keep in place to shield the town (any

town) from the slime-factor. The slime factor is readily visible 'after the fact' by anyone. It's when you look at, or experience something 'in-place'

anywhere, and think, "Who the hell approved that?" Spend time observing your Council or town's Planning Commission. It gets real clear, real fast who's 'back-rooming deals.'  The panel above was inspired by SC's last council meeting when "He" stuck to his solo NO vote (rest of council voted YES) on a truly bizarre effort by a small number of bullying View Blockers wanting to build-up, in front of their neighbors, in a terraced section of town, where each house has an ocean view. He sided with the view-blockers. Even when his battle was clearly lost "voted down" by the entire city in a special election. Now come on, That's nuts aka "over the falls!!!"




Tuesday, June 10, 2008

toxic panderer paddles solo

Kevin Kehoe ("Build The 241," LTE, Mon-June-9) surfs in a majority of one - as he would destroy Trestles / San Onofre State Beach Park thru personal slander and misinformation to achieve what end - another OC toll road serving too few at the cost of 'the many?' Mr. Kehoe's paddling upside down on his so called surfboard. No wonder he's all wet.

To the editor: Mr. Kehoe, labeling concerned OC citizens "eco-nazis?" is worrisome, but not unexpected - as the development community here 'tanks' in its self-created economic sub-prime disaster, dragging the county, the state, the nation, even foreign markets down in another OC-generated out-of-control greed-driven screw-up.

That you "ink" Mr. Kehoe's hate-filled rambling is certainly dangerous, but again, not unexpected. I subscribe to the OC Reg., and will continue to, monitoring OC's Daily dark-side of self interest you apparently relish. When lies no longer work to one's larcenous goals, what's left but the bully-tactics of slander and vicious personal attacks to achieve hateful, wrongheaded ends - by any means.

Eco-nazis? Hmm.

Obviously you realize the potential personal danger you put every environmentally concerned OC citizen in, by encouraging crazy-talk from the likes of Mr. Kehoe. Or do you?

When the county bankrupted - it was because no-one was watching the store.

When our Sheriff went off track - it was because no one was watching the sheriff.

When a Supervisor sleeps-it-off on the County Court House front lawn - with repeated rumors of bad-acting, who's watching the Supe's?

As admitted by Supervisor Campbell, our toll roads are tanking worse than ever. Considering the 73 toll road has failed since day-one, that's a scary admission. No one knows better than Mr. Campbell.

Quixotically, OC "Influential's" are pushing hard towards another unaffordable toll road snafu. When objective-observers point this out, he or she are labeled eco--nazi's?

TCA toll roads fail 'the majority' of OC commuters 24-7.

Not withstanding their environmental destruction, their private purpose runs counter to OC's transportation needs.

Mr. Kehoe is drunk with TCA koolaide. Many in the county are - but many in the county are not. As gas soars to $5 a gallon, a sober majority of OC commuters have woken to the fast & loose transportation / toll road chicanery OC's development community conjured to facilitate South County build-out when the State said no more freeways.

TCA is a scam, and a determent to OC's commute. Call us what you will, but we're not going away, as our numbers grow exponentially. Mr. Kehoe is a sad, clueless majority of one.